3CX Phone System v15.5 is Here!

Following the Technical Preview of v15.5 in June.

Whether on-premise, in the cloud or on a MiniPC Appliance v15.5 offers a user experience like no other.

3CX, developer of next-generation software-based Unified Communications solution, today announced a faster, more secure, more reliable way to provide unified communications with the release of 3CX Phone System V15.5. Introducing a new web client, improved click to call and deskphone and smartphone control, users can manage their inbound calls, transfer calls and elevate a call to a conference call with a single click. The new web client boasts a modern user interface, and is optimised for open standards browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

The new clients take mobility to the next level with the integrated SIP tunnels and the advanced use of PUSH technology.

The phones are “woken-up” when an incoming call occurs allowing users to answer their calls easily while at the same time saving on battery consumption.

The advantages of IP PBX, like 3CX Phone System are many, but in this space we’ll look at three primary ones:

Simple installation and management via a Windows Web-based configuration interface.

Cost efficient, given that on-site legacy PBX hardware, like copper wires, becomes obsolete with the installation of Web-based software.

Scalable, affording businesses the capability to add phone lines, extensions and connect remotely from a computer-based interface, without the need for physical phone lines

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